Pumpkin Ensaymada w/Maple Butter Icing

Pumpkin is all the rage. Pumpkin spice lattes, Pumpkin beers, all pumpkin everythang. Sometimes they’re made with real pumpkin. Most times they’re just a combination of spices and natural flavorings. What if we started flavoring our favorite things with real pumpkin? I give you… Ensaymada is a sweet brioche-like bread roll that’s iced with whipped … Continue reading Pumpkin Ensaymada w/Maple Butter Icing

Sunday Sinigang

Winter is coming. This morning’s 34°F temp is just the beginning. The beginning of the end. Goodbye gorgeous sunny days, hello vitamin D deficiency. Let’s all just embrace the seasonal change by stacking our couches with infinite throw blankets and marathoning Netflix. Hard. Or, you can enjoy a delicious Fil-Am stew that can showcase the … Continue reading Sunday Sinigang